LevelPro Level Sensors

Levelpro is a leading supplier that specializes in quality non-metallic pressure transmitters and switches for both liquid level and temperature control. The Levelpro sensors have a rugged design and are built to last. The materials of construction are highly chemical resistant thermoplastic materials such as PVC, PP, PVDF and steel alloys such as 316 Stainless Steel, Monel and Hastaloy. The sensing diaphragm is made from ceramic, a material that has excellent chemical and abrasion resistance.

The Levelpro Sensors are designed to operated in the harshest of industrial applications, including Acids, Caustics, Waste Water, Leachate Collection and many other corrosive services. Levelpro provides the solution to foamy, fuming, and high temperature level applications

  • Standard Features:

    Continuous Level Transmission, PVC, PP and PVDF

    Continuous Pressure Transmission

    Continuous Temperature Transmission

    Displays, Remote Controls, Panel Mount Meters


    Optional Features:


    Cable Lenghts


    MultiPort Controllers (upto 72 Inputs)

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